5 Common Style Mistakes Most Men Make

Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

When men start developing an interest in fashion and dressing well, they often make the mistake of overloading themselves with whatever they find at arm’s reach. In pursuit of standing out, they tend to wear tons of bracelets, rings, pocket squares, lapel pins, tie bars, even pocket watches until they end up looking like Mr. T. The atrocity doesn’t stop there, as they keep piling up their outfits with a bunch of patterns until successfully camouflaging with mosaic floors becomes second nature! Avoid overdoing it and start practicing minimalism. You will soon realise that less is more and is the key to looking stylish.

Avoid All Square
Many might argue that they have wide feet and that they feel the most comfortable in square-toed shoes. If you aren’t amongst the aforementioned, then quickly shift to wearing curved toed shoes. The latter is more stylish, elegant and is a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Unlike square-toed, it doesn’t add bulk to your overall look and accentuate the shape and size of your feet.

Iron Out the Wrinkles
Don’t rummage through the pile of clothes you have mounted on that one sole chair in your room meant to assist your study table. Don’t dig out a heavily creased t-shirt out of that heap of clothes and sport it out into the world. You will end up looking nothing short of a man coming out of a street fight. Do yourself a favour and utilize that iron rusting in the deepest corners of your house. Not only will you look sharp, but feel confident too.

Fit Right In
One mistake that many beginners make is that they tailor their outfits wrong. In the hopes of tailoring their clothes such that it’ll accentuate their silhouette, they end up with a skin-tight superhero costume which won’t fit them the very next week. Without leaving any room to breathe, they run the risk of ripping their garments every time they try to move. How do you fix this then? Well, you will have to learn from your mistakes. The fact that you couldn’t tailor your clothes right the previous time will tell you what fits you the best.

Be Age Appropriate
Middle-aged people usually end up falling prey to this mistake. They begin to fear that they are well past their prime and start chasing the fashion staples of the younger generation in the hopes of looking young. Had they dressed appropriately for their age, they would’ve looked better than any 25 years old. Take Nick Wooster and Idris Elba for example. They make the young guns of the world look forward to aging because of how dapper they look all the time. Why is that you may ask? Simple really, they dress for their age.

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